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Paint Pot Storage Solution ..

My sister passed on an old shelf that my nephew used to keep his fossil collection on…

A first coat of ‘off white’ emulation paint is applied.

Undercoat I knew I wanted a colourful frame, but couldn’t decide what.. so hung it in place to get an idea.Shelf in place

As i was storing my ‘Stewart Gill‘ paints, of course I had to decorate it with their products!!

I chose Green, Blue, and Hot Pink from the ‘TrueColour collection. And at the bottom I used scrumptious Violet from the Colourise collection. I blended the colours towards the corners to get a nice graduation.

painted frame

extra detail

Not satisfied with just a plain painted boarder .. I decided to ink up a rubber stamp with Cerisanctum, Constantine, & Fra Angelica from the amazing glitzy Byzantia range.

Here is a close up.. Ideal storage for your paints & rubber stamp blocks 🙂IMG_1710

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Posted by Beccas Fabric Larder on October 28, 2015
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  1. 10/29/2015

    Looks awesome and just perfect for those pots


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